MindLight Corporate

A major challenge in any workplace is how to minimise stress. Studies show that 44% of employees are feeling a high amount of stress at work. Workplace stress costs the Australian economy over 15 billion dollars per year, impacting on your organisation’s productivity, performance and profit.

MindLight stress management programs bring proactive workplace habits to your business, making the wellbeing of your staff a priority.

Practical meditation and mindfulness techniques enable employees to reduce the negative effects of stress in both their work and private lives. The process is enjoyable, inspiring and can be implemented immediately. These techniques are backed by scientific evidence.

MindLight can work with you to develop a program that suits your business, your staff and your budget. Katherine Pinczuk, the founder of MindLight, is uniquely qualified to deliver tailor- made programs that adapt to your organisational needs in a flexible way. The consultation process (prior to booking) ensures you are confidant in your decision to choose MindLight to reduce stress in your workplace.