About Words & Wellbeing

Words & Wellbeing provides individual, group or corporate packages that inspire and support clients in both their writing and personal journeys.

Anyone who wants to live a life with less stress and experience a greater sense of wellbeing, or, who feels drawn to the creative pursuit of writing will gain practical,immediate and lasting benefits from adopting the tools and methods Katherine utilizes in her programs.

Words & Wellbeing, provides guidance and support for you, so that you can embark on a more focused and positive direction in either your writing or personal life.

“I consider myself to be a synergy strategist. I believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that when mind, body and spirit are integrated people thrive in whatever area they are passionate about. Whether I’m running a writing workshop, mentoring one-to-one, or facilitating an in-house corporate mindfulness and stress management seminar, my underlying mission is the same.

A client needs to appreciate their inherent worth as an individual and know that by reconnecting with their most authentic self, they can act to make a valuable contribution to both their immediate community and the world at large.”


Katherine's mentoring and guidance through the maze of the creative process in writing my first picture book led to the publication of 'The Bravest Dugong' about a lovable, lettuce-eating, paragliding dugong, a character inspired by Pig and Wuru at Sydney Aquarium.

Alec Trost

As an Author and Mentor, Katherine has supported me through a process of writing a book. At the moment, we're at the creative phase, where Katherine works her magic. Helping bring out ideas, concepts and situations that support the premise of the writing. Katherine has assisted also with looking at the best structure of the writing - then is keeping me accountable for producing the work. Katherine's insights, creative and professional approach position her as a highly skilled Author and Mentor. I do want to thank Katherine for her kind and supportive techniques that get the best out of her clients.

Adrienne McLean

I have been working on my second book for a while and simply went dry, writers block. And was really thinking anyway that it was not as vivid an expression as it should be of the value I was trying to present. So I put it aside, until I engaged Katherine. Two sessions with her completely changed the path and reignited my creativity. The end result will be very different and a vastly better product that will enrich many more lives as a result of her input. I am much indebted to her clarity and skills.

Rob Edwards

I really enjoyed the meditation session with Katherine. I left a highly stressful environment and in only a couple of minutes she was able to help me relax, quite my mind and focus only on the now. I have done meditation before but have never been able to get to that point so quickly. It was a very beneficial experience for me and I’m looking forward to more meditation sessions with Katherine.


Doing the meditation was very soothing and grounding. It took me straight back to watching a sunset in Santorini! Very beneficial before a full day of work. Thanks Katherine!


I practice meditation daily however, it was nice to learn new skills and practice mediation with my work colleagues. Katherine was very good at making us feel calm and in the zone of meditation. Working in a high volume environment the meditation session helped relieving the stress and making me feel calmer and ready to tackle the day.


Katherine started the meditation session with her soft, sweet voice. She used description of the mountain and lavender fields. Her mesmerising voice actually transported me to the freshly scented valley filled with lavender. I could feel her calming energy filling me up. I wish I could’ve stayed there a little bit longer.


In the short amount of time of the session, Katherine, was able to teach us a variety of different meditation techniques. In particular, I found the relaxation techniques she taught, during our sessions, to be very helpful especially during stressful exam periods.


Katherine was skilful and professional in guiding our group through the relaxation and visualisation process. I felt very relaxed and calm after the meditation. This session made me aware of the benefit of participating in guided meditation sessions with professionals such as Katherine. I would readily recommend anyone to attend her class.